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Nick Wellman - President

Carrie Schuh - Vice President

Andrea Sweeney - Treasurer

Heidi Witt - Secretary


Keith Rielly

Stephanie Fletcher

Ashley Treuthardt

John Amacher - MWC Coach

Tom Witt - MHS Head Coach

John Witt - Head MWC Coach

At Monroe Wrestling Club, every child from kindergarten through 8th grade discovers the thrill of wrestling in a supportive and inclusive environment. Our mission is not just about winning matches; it's about instilling life-long values of hard work and determination. As a non-profit organization, we open our doors to all young enthusiasts, regardless of their school affiliation. We believe wrestling is more than a sport—it's a foundation that builds endurance, strength, agility, and even enhances performance in other athletic ventures. Our dedicated coaches focus on fostering self-confidence and discipline, guiding wrestlers to set and achieve both personal and team objectives. The club is a vibrant community where camaraderie flourishes and everyone finds their spot on the mat. Whether your child is grappling with the basics or pinning down advanced techniques, they'll find their place here with us. Embrace the exhilaration of wrestling; join the fun at Monroe Wrestling Club and watch your child grow into a resilient and spirited athlete.

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